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SKT Allergy-Anaphylaxis Management

September 5-8
We have sent letters home informing parents of our best practices around allergy-anaphylaxis management in the school in order to maintain a safe environment for our students. We have provided a review of some helpful tips as well as an extensive list of allergen safe foods that can be brought to school.

We have students in our school that have anaphalactic allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs and fish (tuna). Even exposure to a tiny amount of these foods could be potentially serious and life-threatening for some of our students. Peanuts, tree nuts and fish are not permitted in the school.

To help us to keep your children safe when they are at school, we are asking for your assistance. Please reference the pdf document attached. As always, please feel at ease to contact me at the school if you require any clarification.


B. Condari

SKT Allergy-Anaphylaxis Management