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SKT Emergency Preparedness

We completed our first lockdown drill at 11:00am on October 16. Most students reacted well to the sound. I will provide a review alongside the staff where necessary in order to ensure that all children know what is expected of them during a lockdown scenario. Please ask your child about our emergency drills..

September 11 @ 1:15am - Fire Drill #1
Our first fire drill went very well. All of the students and staff were able to evacuate the building as per our protocol. Please ask your child(ren) what their experience was like during this drill. If you have any questions, please feel at ease to contact me at the school.
October 3 @10:25am - Fire Drill#2
Our second fire drill went extremely well. Our protocol to ensure that each child is accounted for worked very well. As always, if you have any questions please contact me at the school.
October 16 @11:00am - Lockdown Drill. (please see above)
October 23 @ 11:00am - Fire Drill #3. This was out best yet. Evacuation was completed in 60 seconds.
February 22 @ 11:05 - Lockdown #2. Very successful.
May 3 @ 10:25 - Bomb Threat. Evacuation was perfectly executed by all.
May 14 @ 1:25 - Fire Drill #4 Unannounced. Went well.


B. Condari

SKT Emergency Preparedness