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SKT Year End Celebration

Today we were able to come together as a school community, virtually to celebrate all of the great learning and memories this year at SKT. Although we were unable to celebrate together as we normally would, the SKT staff would like to let you know how proud we are of each of our students and families who worked so hard this year and demonstrated so much resilience and dedication to learning the technology - you showed us how much creativity you have!

We also extend huge congratulations to our 2019-2020 Director's Award Winners! The student awards program was established many years ago and has been maintained by the various Directors of Education to recognize excellence at the school level. The first, the “Catholic School Mission/Vision” award, is presented to a student who models the virtues of Catholic education, specifically, working for and promoting a more just, caring and peaceful school community. The next award – for “Excellent Effort in the Pursuit of Learning” – is given to a student who demonstrates personal responsibility in the pursuit of learning and strives for continuous improvement, while the “Stewardship of Creation/Environmental Award” acknowledges student efforts in creating a greener and more environmentally sustainable school community.

The last award category recognizes academic proficiency in the subject areas of Arts, Religion & Family Life, Language, Science/Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies/History/Geography, Health & Physical Education, and French as a Second Language.

Catholic School Mission/Vision: Julian Hipolito
Academic Excellence: Carly Stevenson
Excellent Effort in the Pursuit of Learning: Alizayah Neary
Arts: Ava Lippett
Religion & Family Life: Noah Dawoud
Language: Rishon Brown
Science & Technology: Flairmie Iniba
Mathematics: Jaimee Cruzat
Stewardship of Creation/Environmental Award: Jack Torrance
Social Studies/History/Geography: Lucianna Aran
French as a Second Language: Alyssa Geddes
Health & Physical Education: Sydney Bouchard

Enjoy a well deserved summer break!

May God continue to bless each one of you and keep you safe!!!

SKT Year End Celebration
SKT Year End Celebration
SKT Year End Celebration
SKT Year End Celebration