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*FlipGive is back in Time for The Christmas Season*

This year fundraising has become a little bit more challenging due to CoVid-19. As a result, we have decided to go DIGITAL in the shopping world! The St. Kateri Community will kick off the year with a FLIPGIVE fundraiser!

This is an EASY way to earn money for the school and do your usual shopping for Christmas, birthdays or everyday! It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING...Pure profit for the school...PLUS the prices are the SAME whether you shop through FlipGive or not.

Attached you will find a FlipGive flyer with our school code (5FN4TD) and full instructions on how to get started.

Some important pieces of information:
• Shop at the most popular places such as AMAZON, INDIGO, WALMART, TIM HORTONS, STARBUCKS, SPORTCHEK, and a variety of Restaurants
• The FlipGive fundraiser will run until the end of June – you can shop all year!
• You can download the FlipGive app on your phone or mobile device OR you can shop through the comfort of your desktop by going to
• Your purchases can be seen by the administrators of the FlipGive fundraiser for our school. If you are uncomfortable having your information and purchases shown, you can change your settings.
• After you have signed up, by clicking on your picture at the top right corner, going to settings and personal information, you can change your team privacy and your purchase privacy to full, partial or hidden. Your purchases will still count towards our donation total, but you will be able to shop with privacy.

• You can EVEN SHARE our school code: 5FN4TD with your FRIENDS AND FAMILY and even invite them through the FlipGive app or website.
• Under the ‘more’ tab you can ask family and friends for donations to SKT.
• There is a $5 First Shop bonus. If you make your first purchase within 14 days of signing up, you will get a $5 bonus as soon as your first cashback has come in.
• The online support for FlipGive is fantastic – feel free to ask them anything!

We appreciate the support that has been shown with fundraisers in the past and know that this digital fundraiser can be a wonderful success too!
So, get used to going to or using your FlipGive app to access links to all your favourite stores! Only by using the links provided by FlipGive do we earn real cash!

Again that code is 5FN4TD,

Thank You,

*FlipGive is back in Time for The Christmas Season*