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Cyber Awareness Month - Week 2 - Pay attention to your home network and Wi-Fi connections

October 11 to 15

Safe and secure Wi-Fi connections are just as important as having secure devices and online accounts.

Nowadays most devices are connected to the internet through our home network, our school or office network, a data plan, or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Many of the applications installed on our devices require an internet connection to access online services and function properly. Our devices will often look to connect to available Wi-Fi hotspots irrespective of whether that Wi-Fi connection is safe or not. It is up to the device user to ensure appropriate security and safety measures are taken when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots or deciding not to connect.

Topics and tips for this week include:

- Securing your home network and actively managing it. Considering updating your network router every 3-5 years to take advantage of improvements in security features.
- Taking stock of devices connected to your home network and monitoring for unusual activity.
- Setting up a guest network for your friends and visiting family members to separate their access and activity from all your home devices.
- Setting up a separate network for your smart devices, so if compromises occur, the threat remains isolated from your personal devices that contain personal and sensitive information.
- Kid-proofing your home Wi-Fi network to make it safer for children.
- Avoiding untrusted public Wi-Fi access; using a personal data plan or personal hotspot or using VPN when having to connect through an untrusted Wi-Fi hotspot.

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