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Dear Parents:
It has been over 5 years since The Board of Trustees approved the "Mandatory Uniform Policy" for elementary schools. This was unprecedented for a publicly funded school system and it has proved to be a very positive initiative for the Board.
As part of the Board’s policy review protocol the Mandatory Uniform Policy (Elementary School) was one of the policies reviewed. Feedback from various stakeholders over the last five years was used to bring recommendations to the trustees for enhancing the policy. (Please view entire policy on Board website )
I wish to highlight some of the changes that were approved by the Board of Trustees. The changes come into effect on September 1, 2010. This is to provide a time of transition for parents and an opportunity for the various stakeholders (parents, schools, suppliers) to continue to work collaboratively together to minimize or alleviate any issues that might arise from the changes.

Clarification on changes to the policy:

1) All Schools have a signed contract with a supplier. This is to make sure that all suppliers adhere to "The Sweatshop Free Purchasing Policy." This policy supports the Social Justice teachings of the Board. The Board is an affiliate member of Worker Rights Consortium which monitors the suppliers’ activities. This also maintains both the financial and service support suppliers provide the school community as stated in the policy.

2) Bottoms: blue (only casual pants, walking shorts, skorts). This is to re-emphasize the standard that was originally recommended.

3) Tops: navy blue or white (golf shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks)
Embroidered school crest/logo is mandatory to the part of the uniform starting in September 2010.

Students are proud to wear their uniform and having the crest/logo embroidered make the tops look better and provides them with a greater sense of pride. It will also eliminate the variance in tops because only the school uniform supplier is legally authorized to embroider the school crest/logo.
Please Note:
The following has been agreed by the contracted suppliers of the schools to help parents who have unembroidered comparable (colour, style and quality) tops. The school supplier will provide a grace period from January 2010 to June 30, 2010 where they will embroider used comparable tops for a flat rate of $5.00. (Tops with patches must be removed by the customer)
4) Note: Items are to be purchased from one of the Board’s designated suppliers. Visible t-shirts worn under uniform tops must be navy blue or white only. This maintains a standard across the system. It will eliminate the modification of items as stated in the policy.
Again, thank you for your support in the implementation of this policy and the enhancements stated for September 2010.
Are You In Uniform? Are You In Uniform?

Are You In Uniform?

he school's designated supplier has these appropriate items. You may purchase these items from other sources as long as they are comparable (colour, style, fabric).

Tops: White or Navy Blue
Bottoms: Navy Blue (No Cargo Pants, No Fleece Material)

Please Note: The above are the minimum items that were approved originally as a system standard. School Communities in consultation with the Catholic School Council, Principal, and Parents could add additional items to the above items. Any visible under shirt (usually a t-shirt) must be solid white or solid navy blue.

Your support in compliance to the above is very much appreciated